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Summer fairy tale - Global InterGold Grand Summer Voyage 2016


Всього у користувача 16 відео

Do you want to participate in the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 competition? Read more about the rules and go for it! The Grand Summer Voyage Competition for Global InterGold customers started on October 15th. The deadline for participation is June 1st, and there are so many cool things ahead! The Grand Summer Voyage is a breathtaking prize which will be granted to the 25 winners of the competition. It is a great chance to reach a new level in your career, increase your income and become a leader, unless you already are one. Leaders, in turn, will have an opportunity to get a exclusive status in the gold world. The winners will get a golden ticket to summer holidays. Imagine a luxurious cruise liner with an expressive name Harmony of the Seas. It is full of entertainment and fun, the Mediterranean sea is stretching up to the skyline. You know what is missing in this idyllic picture? You!https://youtu.be/6Fxsu2FVEFMDon't waste your time! Take part in the competition and win a well-deserved vacation at company's expense! Share it in social networks:https://www.facebook.com/GlobalInterGoldhttps://twitter.com/GlobalInterGold

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