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Megaromania - Quintessence Voyage

Maks Murdock
Maks Murdock

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Megaromania 「Quintessence Voyage」 PV It is a promotional film of Megaromania.It divides from A type, B type, and C type, and A type B type becomes a limited board.vo.suigt.misarygt.tikageba.hyougadr.yuushiThe feeling which gets twisted is to the darkness which whirlsThe hand to cause is shaken and solved One person needs to get offIt is clear in where it goes, and not knowing at allFate follows a windIt can become strong now which drives a thought to the scene which is not seen yetIt is this wind about a wishIt goes to the place which should existSuffering riding While exceeding of whichQuintessence VoyageNow, escape from the limited worldTo the future which will break all and will be followedImportant thing lost unawares In order to recoverIt is since as can follow one personIt leaves for the trip without a guidepostIt is this wind about a wishIt goes to the place which should existBecause a clear answer is drawnI escape the empty of the darkness covered infinite and consider what?In order to find out true roomBecause it runs nowQuintessence VoyageNow, escape from the limited worldThe infinite future is aimed at. I will leaveThe important thing which can encounter by this terrestrial somewhereFollow and die until it finds outUntil something begins to changeThe beat which strikes a pulse should ring high and should burnWay which an impulse spins He began to walkTo the place which should existThe dark callsBlindness fearWish and trsnsmi

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